Make Your Building Tell Stories! Extremely Flexible LED Mesh Screen

Rollable; Save time and cost; High Transparent; IP67 Design & UV Proof
Make Your Building Tell Stories! 
 Extremely Flexible LED Mesh Screen

Inspire Architecture

LED Grid Display can be freely deformed according to the facade of the building, like putting on a gorgeous coat for the building.
Inspire Architecture

Ultra Lightweight & Slim Mesh; Lower Energy Consumption.

Application: Outdoor / Indoor Commercial Display, Large-scale Building Wall Mesh Screen, Plazas & City Landmarks Display
Ultra Lightweight & Slim Mesh; Lower Energy Consumption.

Products Advantage:

  • 1. High Transparent Rate, Ultra-thin, Ultra light weight.
  • 2. Foldable, Arbitrary bending, Easy installation, Without steel structure
  • 3. Cost saving, the price is only 1/5 of the traditional screen
  • 4. Energy Saving & Environmental Protection

Flex Mesh Screen composed of LED Pixel Light, Plastic Button Strip, 4-Wire Cable, Stainless Steel Rope and other components connected into a mesh structure Screen. It can meet the needs of lighting decoration and is used for playing text, images and videos. It is a product with the concept of “large Pixel Height”. It has incomparable advantages in the field of super large area display and creative display.
The Pixel Distance of the Mesh Screen from P30 to P150mm, and the Area Can be from tens Sqm. to thousands Sqm. It’a meet the needs of real estate projects, commercial centers, glass curtain walls, hotels, high-rise building facades and other large-area displays.

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About Kote Long

Zhongshan Kote Long Optoelectronic Co., Ltd. founded in 2010, is a high-Tech private enterprise devoted to R&D and production of a wide range of LED Flexible Mesh Screen, Grid Display. The energy-saving effect of all products, tested by domestic and overseas authorities, is proved to have reached the leading level domestically as well as internationally.

Kote Long takes the lead in adopting ISO9001 of SGS, 2000 Quality Management System and ISO14001 Environmental System and complies with them strictly. In Addition, our LED Lights have adopted CE, RoHS, TUV Certification, Chinese CCC standards and related international standards.

Production Quality Control:

We use the raw material from top suppliers,which can make sure stable quality at the first beginning. Also, our IQC will do strict procedures as each rule/step.

During the production, our IPQC check the production line periodically and randomly, to make sure each procedure is right at most degree

Each initial sample needs to be tested on every order. Only when the initial sample is approved, can massive production start. And full aging is a must for all orders, at least 48 hours.

Except 100% testing in production, our QC have random inspection after being packed. If one fails, all need to be reworked. We make sure zero defect to clients before delivery at best.

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Frequently Answers To your Qestions

Is Your Products are waterproof?

All of our products are IP67 waterproof protection, Could applying for any project in extreme weather conditions.

Is your Proucts Anti – Fire?

Yes, our lights are V0 fire protection.

What’s the lights warranty?

3~5 Years

What’s the weight of light?

Depends on products.Facade screen weight < 15kg/㎡.Pixel light 80g/pcs, < 8kg/㎡

How to choose suitable pixel pitch and brightness?

Depends on what’s your view distance, For example,if inquiry distance is 50m, then you could choose P50mm pitch, If inquiry view distance as 100m,then could choose P100mm pitch.

For the brightness,If inquiry watch on the sun light, we recommend to use brightness > 6000 nits.

If products could play video?

Yes, All products could play videos.

How to Install LED Grid Display

Depends on what kind of products you use, We will show you detailed installation drawing according products what you asked.
Generally Pixel light could use steel wire,screw fixing,installation.
Linear light series use screw to fixin.
Media Facade series use steel structure to fixing etc.

Can I play videos offline?


What’s the delivery time?

10~25 days

What is your Company Monthly production capacity?

10000 squre meter per month

How to package and transport?

Packaging with carton or wooden boxes.

Design Service & Technical Service

We have rich experience design engineers to provide previous project design solutions, such as LED Facade Lighting design, LED Mesh screen deisgn ,and any other metal facade project design, glass wall design .etc.

We have 10 professional technical engineers team , most over 15 years experience in LED field. Provide pre-sale solutions, after sale technical technical support and on-site technical & installation guidance. etc.





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