Make Your Building Tell Stories! Extremely Flexible LED Mesh Screen

Rollable; Save Time and Cost; High Transparent; IP67 Design & UV Proof
Make Your Building Tell Stories!
Extremely Flexible LED Mesh Screen

Inspire Architecture

LED Grid Display can be freely deformed according to the facade of the building, like putting on a gorgeous coat for the building.
Inspire Architecture

Ultra Lightweight & Slim Mesh; Lower Energy Consumption.

Application: Outdoor / Indoor Commercial Display, Large-scale Building Wall Mesh Screen, Plazas & City Landmarks Display
Ultra Lightweight & Slim Mesh;
Lower Energy Consumption.

LED Mesh Screen Advantages

P55mm led mesh screenHome
P55mm led mesh screenHome
P50mm LED Grid DisplayHome
1. High Transparent Rate, Ultra-thin, Ultra lightweight.

The Transparent rate can reach 55% ~ 90%, not obstructing the natural light, which ensures the original lighting and viewing angle requirements of the glass facade and curtain wall, and has good wind resistance effect. The screen is thin (only 15mm) and light weight(only 2 ~ 9kg / sqm)

2. Foldable, Arbitrary Bending, Easy Installation, Without Steel Structure.

Flexible & Light Weight, with various shapes, easy to install and maintain. can be freely combined into various shapes to meet the needs of various creative displays.

3. Cost Saving, the price is only 1/5 of the traditional screen

By optimizing the structure, we abandoned the heavy box of the traditional screen, and made targeted improvements in the manufacturing process, packaging and control system. Every individual LED pixel dot is changeable, no need to take out a whole string or dismantle any frame structure.After-sale repair has the lowest cost.

4. Energy Saving & Environmental Protection

Lower Energy Consumption, the air duct dissipates heat by itself and does not need to be cooled by air conditioning.

5. Fully Customizable Building Media Facade

Flex LED Mesh Screen composed of LED Pixel Light, Plastic Button Strip, 4-Wire Cable, Stainless Steel Rope and other components connected into a mesh structure Screen. It can meet the needs of lighting decoration and is used for playing text, images and videos. It is a product with the concept of “Large Pixel Height”. It has incomparable advantages in the field of super large area display and creative display.
The Pixel Distance of the Mesh Screen from P30 to P150mm, and the Area Can be from tens Sqm. to thousands Sqm. It’s meet the needs of real estate projects, commercial centers, glass curtain walls, hotels, high-rise building facades and other large-area displays..


About Kote Long

Production Quality Control

Raw Material

We use the raw material from top suppliers,which can make sure stable quality at the first beginning. Also, our IQC will do strict procedures as each rule/step.


During the production, our IPQC check the production line periodically and randomly, to make sure each procedure is right at most degree

Testing & Aging

Each initial sample needs to be tested on every order. Only when the initial sample is approved, can massive production start. And full aging is a must for all orders, at least 48 hours.


Except 100% testing in production, our QC have random inspection after being packed. If one fails, all need to be reworked. We make sure zero defect to clients before delivery at best.

Frequently Answers To your Qestions

Is Your Products are waterproof? and Anti-Fire?

All of our products are IP67 waterproof protection, Could applying for any project in extreme weather conditions.
Our Mesh Screen are V0 fire protection.

Can I control LED Mesh Screen without using a PC?

Yes, you can! You can export your animations and effects on an SD Card, and play them directly from the LED Controller. or you can throught mobile phone APP soft send the program to Controller( Wifi transfer).

What are the steps of lifting and installing LED Mesh display?

There are five steps for hoisting and installing the LED display.

1. Lock the hook assembly into the hanging beam assembly.

2. Fix the fixed hook and hanging beam assembly into the top steel pipe.

3. LED Mesh Screen and beam positioning pin positioning, Push in the quick lock and tighten it to the beam.

4. The positioning pin is positioned to lock the quick lock on both sides and in the middle.

5. In this way, the male and female power and signal cables are inserted

What’s the weight of light?

Depends on products.P31.25mm screen weight < 9kg/㎡. P50mm<<4.6kg/㎡, P100mm< 2kg/㎡. Pixel light 6g/pcs,

How to choose suitable pixel pitch and brightness?

Pixel pitch indicates the space between each pixel, the view distance requirement decides the pixel pitch. For example, if a building is 25 meters away from the position where the audience/passengers stand and view, our P31.25mm mesh screen will work OK.

For example,if inquiry distance is 50m, then you could choose P50mm pitch, If inquiry view distance as 100m,then could choose P100mm pitch.

For the brightness,If inquiry watch on the sun light, we recommend to use brightness > 6000 nits.

How to program remote control outdoor LED Mesh Screen?

Generally, there are the following ways to control the LED screen:

1) The staff brings the computer to the site to update, The computer uses the Internet to control.LED mesh screen for data transmission.

2) Use mobile phone Control of LED mesh screen by Wifi. Through APP software edit the content you want to enter, then send it.

3) To input text to the LED Grid Display through the USB Disk, there are mainly the following steps: 1) Insert a USB disk into the USB interface of the computer and let the computer Identify the U disk. 2) Open the graphic editing system on the computer desktop. 3) Click on the black area of the software interface, enter the word you want to enter. 4) After the word is input, you can preview the text effect. 5) Click USB to download, and then pull out the U disk. 6) Then come to the LED Under the display, find the USB interface and insert the U disk. 7) Turn on the power, and the words on the LED display will come out.

How to Install LED Grid Display

Depends on what kind of products you use, We will show you detailed installation drawing according products what you asked.
Generally Pixel light could use steel wire,screw fixing,installation.
Linear light series use screw to fixing.
Media Facade series use steel structure to fixing etc.

How to choose the right LED grid screen for your customers?

LED grid screen, also known as large-pitch LED display, is mainly used in many scenarios such as large-scale building facades and glass curtain walls, large-scale stage activities, creative design and city landscape lighting. Usually we will recommend the right LED grid screen for our customers according to the project size, installation height, viewing distance, brightness requirement and project effect.

LED Grid Screen is the most important feature is the permeability, permeability is the majority of customers prioritized factors, but not the higher the permeability the better.

Pixel Pitch is also a crucial factor in the selection of grid screen products, pixel pitch is not the smaller the better. When comprehensively considering the cost-effectiveness of LED grid display, the dot pitch is an element that cannot be ignored. Generally speaking, mesh screen pixel pitch is related to the display accuracy of the screen, application scenarios require more LED lamp beads, inevitably at the cost of losing some of the permeability, and high permeability happens to be the biggest advantage of LED grid display, it is one of the determinants of the price of LED grid display, the smaller the pixel pitch is, the higher the price of the LED display is naturally, corresponding to the playback effect is also better.

Therefore, when encountering mesh screen project, we should comprehensively consider the project area, viewing distance and project effect requirements, etc., not a single pursuit of pixel pitch or transmittance rate.

What’s the delivery time?

10~25 days

What is your Company Monthly production capacity?

10000 squre meter per month

The future trend of LED grid screen?

With the city landscape construction, tourist attraction construction, cultural and creative construction continues to accelerate the pace, LED grid screen is becoming more and more a part of urban construction. Relative to lighting strip products, LED grid screen has absolute advantages in color, display content, market value, LED grid screen color variety, can display text, pictures and video, in addition LED grid screen can bring long-lasting advertising revenue through cooperation with media companies. Relative to the traditional conventional screen, LED grid screen in the installation, maintenance, transparency, plasticity has an overwhelming advantage, LED grid screen light weight, fast installation, demand for small steel structure, more suitable for outdoor high-rise glass curtain wall large area installation, LED grid screen is soft, lightweight, more suitable for large-scale stage activities, creative design and scientific and technological aesthetics display. In addition, LED grid screen high transmittance, more suitable for high-rise glass curtain wall advertising and color effect display. Therefore, LED grid screen is more and more used in the international stage, such as the Olympic Games, Winter Olympics and the World Cup.

What’s the lights warranty?

3~5 Years


Related Cases Video Show

Through the led mesh screen actual engineering projects show different scenes application effects. These cases usually include lighting design schemes and actual renderings of such as city squares, parks, Bar, Hotel, Mall and building exterior walls. By understanding these cases, people can better understand the application of led mesh screen in practical projects and their beautification effect on urban night scenes. Kote Long Opto Co., Ltd has more than 700 application cases in the world, selling well in more than 60 countries and regions.

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