Customized Service

Customer Consultation

Customers consult with business personnel regarding the use, maintenance, pricing, after-sales and other related issues of the product.

Technical details and also costs considerably.Revolutionary Integration

A decade of experience serving in the brand LED industry lets us know one important fact: LED display should work seamlessly with the surrounding environment, especially when it comes to highlighting the brand. You will find a flexible, transparent and customizable LED display for architecture, stage, landmark buildings, etc. integrated with the original design as well as some multi-media devices such as video processor, speaker, switcher, etc.

Custom LED Solution

Customization is a creative way to make brand and architainment visual productions special. If you are not compromising with any imperfection of a product; If you are passionate about making your visual design like no other; If you are proud of your creativity and hoping to lead new lighting change and take the inspiration further; We are here to be your dream factory. A factory that does both production and promotion. You will get the credit you deserve for opening a whole new market with your innovative ideas.


Every product have its shelf life, if there are quality problems during shelf life, please contact us, we are always here to service you. We do not do a one-off business, but to seek long-term cooperation, achieve a win-win situation.

For each of our customers, we deliver 100% individual services,mainly reflected in the following aspects:

Technical Strength

Kote Long Optoelectronics has a strong technical team and profound R&D strength in photoelectric technology. They have accumulated rich experience in the photoelectric field, and can provide efficient, stable and reliable technical solutions for customers’ needs.

Customized Service

Kote Long attaches great importance to customers’ needs and experiences and can provide highly customized products and services. They can tailor the photoelectric products for customers according to their specific needs to meet their individual needs.

Quality Assurance

We are very strict in product quality control. They follow international quality standards to ensure that every product meets high quality requirements. They pay attention to product details and user experience, and provide customers with high-quality products and services

Quick Response

Kote Long Optoelectronics is very quick in responding to customers’ needs. They can respond to customers’ feedback and needs quickly and provide solutions in time. This ability of quick response enables customers to obtain satisfactory products and services more quickly.

Warranty Policy of LED Mesh Screens

We know that you expect quality products and we want to provide them to you. Kote Long provides free repair services if any quality problems occur within the warranty period.

If your device isn’t working during the two-year period, we’ll replace any parts that need to be replaced, free of charge.

We will cover the cost of one shipment within the warranty period.

After the warranty period has expired, Kote Long is not responsible for any shipping costs.

We’re here to help! When the warranty period has expired, Kote Long shall offer a reduced price for repair services.

We are not responsible for the occurrence of damages. Generally, we will not provide warranty service in the following cases:

1. Electronic products must not be disassembled or repaired by anyone other than the person who manufactured it, an authorized agent of the manufacturer, or a qualified person.

2. Expiry of the warranty period.

3. Damage caused by improper use by the user.

4. Damage caused by fire, flooding, earthquakes, and other natural disasters.

5. Any damage caused by misuse, including unauthorized disassembly, improper testing, etc.

If a customer changes their mind within the first 12 months, we offer a one-time product exchange for the full retail price. If the customer chooses to continue using the approved product beyond that time period, at the end of two months from the contract sign date stated on the contract, the warranty will start.

In the case of VIP installation and maintenance, customers must sign an agreement to pay all after-sales technical service costs, including visa fees, accommodation, meals, and transport. Kote Long is responsible for all installation and maintenance.

The customer is also responsible for determining how, when, and from where to bring the engineer.

Distributors Policy

We know that you expect quality products and we want to provide them to you. Kote Long provides free repair services if any quality problems occur within the warranty period.

Kote Long Co., Optoelectronic Ltd. is a renowned LED display manufacturer and market leader, with over 14 years of experience in the industry. We are excited to welcome qualified distributors to join our international distributor program and promote our top-of-the-line LED Mesh Screen and LED Grid Display parts for advertising applications.

We pride ourselves on providing innovative, high-quality products that meet global quality standards, including CE, RoHS, FCC, and EMC. Our range of products features a variety of options, configurations, and features to cater to the diverse needs of our customers for both indoor and outdoor advertising.

To become a distributor, businesses must meet specific qualifications, including having a sales team to earn commissions, meeting minimum purchase and sales requirements, and complying with our strict performance and company policy standards. Additionally, we value experience and expertise, which often come from prior business or company experience.

Businesses that meet our minimum purchase requirements of $60,000 for a one-time purchase order and achieve a combined annual sales amount of $500,000 in a given year qualify for distributor pricing. However, there are no requirements to take advantage of the opportunity to order any available products, and distributors must agree to our distributor agreement to process buy orders at distributor pricing.

Our reseller program is highly competitive, and we only accept qualified distributors who meet our standards. We encourage interested parties to reach out to us through our contact page or give us a call to learn more about becoming a distributor and promoting our industry-leading products.

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