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Choice A Series or B Series or H Series ? A is Transparent Frame, B is Black Frame. H Series is High Density, Small Pixel Pitch.

You may need the black frame to get a better contrast. On the stage, the black frame will integrate well with the backdrop.

On the building facade, sometimes, the transparent frame might be a better option, especially over a glass wall. Choosing a suitable color for your frame is up to the final application.

For high-definition images, when viewing at Closer distances, choose the H Series

What are the steps of lifting and installing the transparent LED Mesh display?

There are five steps for hoisting and installing the LED display.

1. Lock the hook assembly into the hanging beam assembly.

2. Fix the fixed hook and hanging beam assembly into the top steel pipe.

3. LED Mesh Screen and beam positioning pin positioning, Push in the quick lock and tighten it to the beam.

4. The positioning pin is positioned to lock the quick lock on both sides and in the middle.

5. In this way, the male and female power and signal cables are inserted

How to program remote control outdoor LED Mesh Screen?

Generally, there are the following ways to control the LED screen:

1) The staff brings the computer to the site to update, The computer uses the Internet to control.LED mesh screen for data transmission.

2) Use mobile phone Control of LED mesh screen by Wifi. Through APP software edit the content you want to enter, then send it.

3) To input text to the LED Grid Display through the USB Disk, there are mainly the following steps: 1) Insert a USB disk into the USB interface of the computer and let the computer Identify the U disk. 2) Open the graphic editing system on the computer desktop. 3) Click on the black area of the software interface, enter the word you want to enter. 4) After the word is input, you can preview the text effect. 5) Click USB to download, and then pull out the U disk. 6) Then come to the LED Under the display, find the USB interface and insert the U disk. 7) Turn on the power, and the words on the LED display will come out.

The difference between LED mesh screen, LED grid display and traditional conventional screen?

As the traditional conventional screen products do not meet these special application scenarios, LED mesh screen and LED grid display came into being. Based on its many special advantages and features and conventional screen can not bring the video effect, LED mesh screen and LED grid display is more and more sought after by customers. LED mesh screen, LED grid display has a good permeability, is the fundamental factor of the application of different scenarios, but also the designer’s original intention and design concept. In addition, LED mesh screen, LED grid display unique structural design, lighter, thinner and more technological and artistic beauty.

What are the LED grid screen application scenarios?

Stage beauty: LED grid screen can be built according to the stage modeling diversification, the use of LED screen itself transparent, thin and light characteristics, resulting in a strong perspective effect, so that the depth of field of the whole picture becomes longer.

Science and technology museum: science and technology museum is an important scene to disseminate scientific knowledge, LED grid screen can be customized according to the shape, as a high-tech effect display, people can perceive the wonders of science and technology through the LED grid screen.

Glass curtain wall: the characteristics of the LED grid screen makes the installation does not need too much steel structure, so the degree of influence on the surface of the glass curtain wall is reduced, the installation cost is reduced, is a large glass curtain wall display is not a good choice.

What creative designs can LED grid screens be used for?

LED grid screen is mainly used in shaped display and 3D display.

Shaped display; mainly curved surface display, spherical display, tree display and cone display, etc..

3D display: 3d effect display of 3d string lights in large shopping centers, tourist attractions and science and technology museums, spatial display design for large stage activities, etc.

How to use mesh screen build a led media facade?

Building a media facade involves several steps, including:

-Planning and design: Determine the size, shape, and placement of the media facade, as well as the type of content that will be displayed. Work with an architect, lighting designer, or digital media specialist to develop a design that meets your needs and is feasible to build.

-Equipment selection: Choose the appropriate LED displays, controllers, Power Supplies, or other digital media equipment that will be used in the media facade. Consider factors such as resolution, brightness, and color quality, as well as the cost and reliability of the equipment.

-Building preparation: Prepare the building for the installation of the media facade. This may involve removing existing facade features, reinforcing the building’s structure, or installing electrical and data connections.

-Installation: Install the LED displays, controllers, or other digital media equipment on the building’s facade. Connect the equipment to a computer system that will be used to control the displays.

-Content creation: Develop and create the digital content that will be displayed on the media facade. This may involve working with graphic designers, video producers, or other creative professionals to produce high-quality, engaging content.

-Testing and commissioning: Test the media facade to ensure that it works as intended. Commission the system by verifying that all of the equipment is functioning properly and that the content is being displayed correctly.

-Maintenance: Regular maintenance is required to keep the media facade working properly and to ensure its longevity. This may involve cleaning the displays, replacing damaged components, and updating the content as needed.

Building a media facade is a complex and specialized task that requires knowledge of electrical and building systems, as well as expertise in digital media and content creation. It’s important to work with experienced professionals to ensure the media facade is built correctly and functions as intended.

Is Your Products are waterproof? and Anti-Fire?

All of our products are IP67 waterproof protection, Could applying for any project in extreme weather conditions.
Our Mesh Screen are V0 fire protection.

Can I control LED Mesh Screen without using a PC?

Yes, you can! You can export your animations and effects on an SD Card, and play them directly from the LED Controller. or you can throught mobile phone APP soft send the program to Controller( Wifi transfer).

What’s the lights warranty?

3~5 Years

What’s the weight of light?

Depends on products.P31.25mm screen weight < 8kg/㎡. P50mm<<4kg/㎡, P100mm< 2kg/㎡. Pixel light 60g/pcs,

Why building a good media facade is so important?

1, Creating urban landscapes

In the past, the buildings are not obvious when night falls.

By the development of LED video lighting and screen technology, architects and designers are capable to express more dynamic concepts on architecture.

The media facades are required to enhance the identity of the building, furthermore, to present the brand and reflect the culture of the surrounding space.

It gets the audience to talk about it and remember it in a long time.

Finally, the decorated architecture become the landmark in its location.

More and more landmark buildings together light up the skylines of the city.

They can work synchronously, and eventually, they will become the urban landscape that delivers remarkable impressions like the Shenzhen Light show.

2, Branding your architecture and your business

Global companies want to create architectural icons and build their brand reputations at their retail outlets or headquarters.

But in a modern city, you can find tons of similar things like signs, or traditional led advertising displays on the buildings. You’ll forget them just after a while.

How to make your building stand out among the digital world?

The media facade is the answer!

By deploying the led video lights or slim led mesh wrapping up the whole building, we can create a unique dynamic facade.

When night comes, the large scale media facade transforms your architecture into the spectacular brand identity

For example, the Dubai Town (Burj Khalifa) is well-known for its wonderful led light show made by media facade, not only as the tallest building in the world.

It has become a must-see attraction when visiting Dubai. Obviously, the LED media facade help to build the brand of the building, even the city.

3, Getting huge advertising income after investing in led media facade

Everybody knows that a traditional led display can do advertising.

LED media facade can also do advertising.

Is there something new to do advertising with the media facade?

Here I just want to emphasize how much the advertising income will be if the city’s iconic building plays the advertising?

The Dubai Tower advertising fee is about 2 million US dollars for just one minute. But the advertising cost on a traditional led billboard in Los Angeles is about $1000 to $10,000 per month and it is actually higher than in many other cities.

In most situations, the advertising revenue on the building facade is much higher than on a traditional led screen. Because a media facade is much bigger than a traditional led screen.

What’s more, the investment to install a led media facade is less than to build a smaller size traditional led display.

How to choose the right LED grid screen for your customers?

LED grid screen, also known as large-pitch LED display, is mainly used in many scenarios such as large-scale building facades and glass curtain walls, large-scale stage activities, creative design and city landscape lighting. Usually we will recommend the right LED grid screen for our customers according to the project size, installation height, viewing distance, brightness requirement and project effect.

LED Grid Screen is the most important feature is the permeability, permeability is the majority of customers prioritized factors, but not the higher the permeability the better.

Pixel Pitch is also a crucial factor in the selection of grid screen products, pixel pitch is not the smaller the better. When comprehensively considering the cost-effectiveness of LED grid display, the dot pitch is an element that cannot be ignored. Generally speaking, mesh screen pixel pitch is related to the display accuracy of the screen, application scenarios require more LED lamp beads, inevitably at the cost of losing some of the permeability, and high permeability happens to be the biggest advantage of LED grid display, it is one of the determinants of the price of LED grid display, the smaller the pixel pitch is, the higher the price of the LED display is naturally, corresponding to the playback effect is also better.

Therefore, when encountering mesh screen project, we should comprehensively consider the project area, viewing distance and project effect requirements, etc., not a single pursuit of pixel pitch or transmittance rate.

The future trend of LED grid screen?

With the city landscape construction, tourist attraction construction, cultural and creative construction continues to accelerate the pace, LED grid screen is becoming more and more a part of urban construction. Relative to lighting strip products, LED grid screen has absolute advantages in color, display content, market value, LED grid screen color variety, can display text, pictures and video, in addition LED grid screen can bring long-lasting advertising revenue through cooperation with media companies. Relative to the traditional conventional screen, LED grid screen in the installation, maintenance, transparency, plasticity has an overwhelming advantage, LED grid screen light weight, fast installation, demand for small steel structure, more suitable for outdoor high-rise glass curtain wall large area installation, LED grid screen is soft, lightweight, more suitable for large-scale stage activities, creative design and scientific and technological aesthetics display. In addition, LED grid screen high transmittance, more suitable for high-rise glass curtain wall advertising and color effect display. Therefore, LED grid screen is more and more used in the international stage, such as the Olympic Games, Winter Olympics and the World Cup.

How to choose suitable pixel pitch and brightness?

Pixel pitch indicates the space between each pixel, the view distance requirement decides the pixel pitch. For example, if a building is 25 meters away from the position where the audience/passengers stand and view, our P31.25mm mesh screen will work OK.

For example,if inquiry distance is 50m, then you could choose P50mm pitch, If inquiry view distance as 100m,then could choose P100mm pitch.

For the brightness,If inquiry watch on the sun light, we recommend to use brightness > 6000 nits.

If products could play video?

Yes, All products could play videos.

How to Install LED Grid Display

Depends on what kind of products you use, We will show you detailed installation drawing according products what you asked.
Generally Pixel light could use steel wire,screw fixing,installation.
Linear light series use screw to fixin.
Media Facade series use steel structure to fixing etc.

What is your Company Monthly production capacity?

10000 squre meter per month

How to package and transport?

Packaging with carton or wooden boxes.

Design Service & Technical Service

We have rich experience design engineers to provide previous project design solutions, such as LED Facade Lighting design, LED Mesh screen deisgn ,and any other metal facade project design, glass wall design .etc.

We have 10 professional technical engineers team , most over 15 years experience in LED field. Provide pre-sale solutions, after sale technical technical support and on-site technical & installation guidance. etc.

What are the precautions for outdoor LED Grid display installation?

There are the following installation precautions for outdoor LED grid display:

1》.The installation site should pay attention to waterproof and moisture-proof .

2》. The display should pay attention to ventilation and heat dissipation .

3》. Pay attention to lightning protection and grounding for external LED display.

What’s the delivery time?

10~25 days

How to install flexible led mesh screen on different building facades?

Due to its high transparency, extremely lightweight and ultra-slim, led mesh screen has been widely used as a large-format media facade on tall buildings.

How to install a big led facade on the building is the main concern for the designers, architects, and building owners.

Here we introduce the installatio details for different type building facades.

Glass Facade

Today more and more architecture uses transparent glass for building facade. Its transparency and translucency provide both functional and aesthetic benefits.

Glass can make a building look different, allow sunlight to enter into a building, and be strong enough to withstand even the harshest weather.

If you want to build a large media screen on the glass facade, the led mesh screen is the first choice as it doesn’t influence the transparency and doesn’t require complex construction on the facade.

Situation 1: LED mesh screen on the outside glass facade

When we installing the mesh screen on the outside of glass facade, you will see a continuous image, no break lines.

led mesh screen outside glass building

1, Making lightweight support frame on the glass facade

We design and install the frame according to the specific environment of the glass facade.

Not like the concrete wall, the fixing points on the glass facade is not everywhere.

Though it is very simple structure, we should make it very strong.

2, Fixing the mesh screen on the frame

Then, we tie the mesh to the frame by its own steel wire ropes.

The slave controllers, which are built-in power drivers, can be hung or put on the frame as well.

3, Leave space for glass cleaning

The glass facade will be cleaned in some time.

So when installing the mesh on the outside of the glass, it is better to leave some space for glass cleaning. The slim mesh screen can easily get enough space.

led mesh on glass building

Situation 2: LED mesh screen inside glass facade

If you can use part of the existing structure as the support frame, installing the led mesh inside the building is another choice.

led mesh screen inside glass building

1, No structure outside

All the fixings are behind the glass inside the building. There is no frame outside.

The facade’s appearance is clean when looking from outside. Meanwhile, the installation inside the building becomes easier and saves the installation time and cost.

2, Black lines on the media wall

Because the junctions of the glass windows will block the lights.

There are black lines on the media screen wall.

When the large format led mesh plays low-resolution videos and simple color patterns, the black lines are not obtrusive.

It is acceptable if you don’t have strict requirements for the visual performance .

3, Fixing the led mesh screen on the exisiting frame

Tie the mesh screen to the existing frame by its own steel wire ropes.

Steel ropes have been integrated into the mesh screen already.

Place the slave-controllers that are built-in power supplies in a nearby location inside the building.

Concrete Wall

As the concrete wall is solid and non-transparent, the media mesh must install on outside of the wall.

1, Fixing the simple frame on the wall

Thanks to its lightweight and slim features, the support frame structure can be very simple.

On the facade of concrete wall, you can easily find positions to fix the frame.

One thing that needs to pay attention to is that the frame should not obstruct the window opening.

2, Every 3 or 4 meters long have the frame

The mesh screen has a big pixel pitch. And the data and power feeding for the led mesh panel can be a long distance.

So every single led panel can be made very long, taking P100mm mesh screen for example, the maximum panel is 12.8 meters length.

To keep this long and slim mesh screen very straight and make it able to withstand the winds, we suggest fixing the beam structure every 3 or 4 meters height.

led mesh screen on concrete wall

Above we mentioned some general situations, but every building and its facade structure are different.

We’d like to provide you one package service, which includes designing the media facade, choosing the right pitch flex mesh screen, guiding you how to install the mesh screen, drawing the frame structure according to your specific building façade structure.

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