Videos, animations, graphics, and real-time data (news, stocks, scores, and statistics) not only can feed in real-time, but also can schedule their presentation.

It has multiple interfaces including HDMI/DVI, WiFi, 4G, and USB for video streaming access.

-Cloud management

Moreover, its advanced cloud-based content publishing system is capable of managing many LED mesh screens in different locations all over the world just from one central control room.

Sometimes, the users have multiple display systems both inside and outside their buildings. Then you could use Nova to tie all displays together into a single, unified communication and entertainment system.

NovaStar Sub-Controller

1.1 Introduction

Taurus series products are NovaStar’s second generation of multimedia players

dedicated to full-color LED displays.

This document introduces TB3.


 Synchronization mechanism for multi-screen playing

 Powerful processing capability

 Comprehensive control plans

 Dual-Wi-Fi mode

 Redundant backup

If the user has a high demand on synchronization, the time synchronization module is

recommended. For details, please consult our technical staff.

In addition to solution publishing and screen control via PC, mobile phones and LAN,

the comprehensive control plans also support remote centralized publishing and


For Ethernet port redundancy, 1 master and 1 backup Ethernet ports are provided.

Other Hardware Features

 Loading capacity up to 650,000 pixels, with the maximum width of 4096 pixels

and maximum height of 1920 pixels

 Wired Gigabit Ethernet

 Stereo audio output

 1 USB port allowing for USB playback

 Onboard light sensor connector allowing for automatic and scheduled brightness

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1.2 Application Taurus series products can be widely used in LED commercial display field, such as bar screen, chain store screen, advertising machine, mirror screen, retail store screen, door head screen, on board screen and the screen requiring no PC. Classification of Taurus’ application cases is shown in Table 1-1.