P83mm LED Mesh Screen for Ceiling Display Project

600 square meter led mesh screen turns ceiling into the best sky.

It’s used in the lighting of the sky screen, the mesh led screen is instaled in Mid-air, By tightening and fixing the wire ropes on both sides, it’s enough to bear the weight of led mesh screen products, and the led pixel light clarity is also high.

which is simple without losing the atmosphere and presents a colorful visual effect. It not only shows the charm and beauty of the city, but also adds a unique pleasure to the city life at night. If you haven’t personally experienced this visual feast, then come and witness the night in Changsha and feel the different beauty brought by these lights!

Hunan Changsha LED Ceiling Screen, the universe, the stars, the seasons, the deep sea ……

All the beauty in three minutes

Realistic and dreamy special effects envelop your head

Shocking your body and mind

The first LED Ceiling Screen in Changsha